The admission tests for academic year 2021-22 in Rajshahi University (RU) began today.

The exam for the C-unit of the university took place at 9am on Monday.

This year, a total of 178,268 students are participating in the admission test against 4,641 seats.

About, 67,237 people will take part in admission test for A-unit which includes 27 departments of art, law, social science and fine arts, 38,621 people will sit for admission test for B-unit which includes six departments of business studies faculty.

Also, 72,410 students will take part in the admission test for C-unit which includes 26 departments of science, agriculture, engineering, biology and geosciences.

Each exam will be held in MCQ format with a time limit of one hour. Students have to enter the exam hall 30 minutes before the exam. The admission test of each unit is being conducted in several groups.

The exam for A-unit will take place on 26 July and the exam for B-unit will take place on 27 July.

About 4 lakh people including students will gather in Rajshahi on the occasion of the entrance examination this year. As such, much like Dhaka University, Rajshahi University is also considering holding admission tests in divisional cities, said the vice-chancellor.

The vice chancellor also said that several levels of security measures have been taken in the campus on the occasion of the admission test.

Special precautionary measures have been taken to prevent leakage of question papers, fraud and malpractice in the admission test.

Earlier on 20 July, students of RU and those who will sit for the admission test for RU blocked the rail line at Airport Station in Dhaka after they were denied tickets for Rajshahi.

The students had gathered at the station on 20 July morning to buy tickets to Rajshahi. However, the authorities, after selling tickets to a few of them, claimed no more were available.

The admission aspirants said that they could not find tickets online either.

Earlier this week, four Chittagong University (CU) students did a sit-in at Chittagong Railway Station in protest against BR, in solidarity with Mohiuddin Roni, a fourth-year student of Dhaka University (DU), who started a sit-in at Kamalapur Railway Station in Dhaka with a six-point demand against the mismanagement of Bangladesh Railway.