Measure Your Productivity

How Do You Measure Your Productivity? : If you are busy all the time, you may think that you are much more productive than you really are. But how do you know?

Being productive never means just being busy. You may be busy doing tasks that lead to results but depending on how you organize your work this doesn’t mean you will be busy all the time or work 24/7 just to show how productive you are.

Instead, you will do things that lead to results.

Stop Multitasking

No one can multitask. Some jobs require a lot of “multitasking” but the truth is, people are bad at it. Instead, try to focus everything you have on the task at hand. It can help to set deadlines and perform each task according to a schedule in a system, using processes that you customize and adapt as you grow your business.

Turn Off Distraction

If you really want to be an expert at something, you have to turn off distractions like social media notifications, the television, and even the phone ringing when you really need to focus.

Fill Your Calendar for Work and Personal Time

One way to bring balance to your life is to schedule it. Fill your calendar with your family plans in advance. Add your work around that, then add a social plan too. It helps a lot of people to be more productive when they add up everything they do, including lunch.

Manage System and Process

To be more productivity, systems and processes will help. If every time you join a new client they do the same steps, it will become your habit and feel very professional to the customer. Also, set up a process for everything you do on a regular basis, including checking your email.

Don’t Say Yes Immediately

When someone asks you something, don’t automatically say yes. Let them know you’ll think about it, then look at your calendar. Determine how much time and effort it will take to do what they ask before you say yes or no. When you say no, don’t feel as though you have to give reasons. “I can’t do it right now, but please ask again” is a great way to answer – assuming you want them to ask again.

Learn to Outsource and Delegate Better

Everyone has the same 24-hour day, but you can extend that time if you outsource and delegate. This can happen with your business, at work, and at home. For example, in your business, you can hire someone to handle your website, social media marketing, writing, and many other things. At work, you may be able to delegate homework to someone else, and at home, you may be able to outsource homework to someone else.

Set up Performance Metrics

One way to know if you’re doing what you want and being as productive as you think you are, is to set up performance metrics that you can look at to look at the data and see what’s working and what’s not. Maybe if you’re a writer, you have the word count for the day. If you are creating a new offer, perhaps today your goal is to create all the charts for your new course. Either way, choose a size and then check.

Real productivity is when you set things right from the start and build the income for the future that you work on today.