Fusion-Brands can place a logo on just about anything. From a cornhole board, to matches, to socks, the sky is truly the limit. The Liberty Hill based company engraves, embroiders, digitally prints, and etches all their products in-house, with the exception of a few promotional items. 

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Ross Adams, Fusion-Brands president, initially started working in the logo business in 2016 as a drinkware company, specializing in high-end stainless steel decoration. Since then, the company has evolved and expanded.

“In March or April of 2021, we got our first embroidery machine. Ever since then, we’ve just been specializing in anything that you can put a logo on. So now our customers come to us for hats, shirts, koozies, drinkware, you name it, if it can have a logo put on it, we can source it,” says Adams. 

While Fusion-Brands has expanded their products, they have not lost touch with their roots. 

“We warehouse anywhere from 75,000 to 125,000 stainless cups at any given moment. So we do have a large inventory,” Adams said. 

When Adams graduated from Texas A&M University in 2010, the job market was still in pieces from the 2008 recession. Luckily, Adams was able to find work.

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“When I got out of school, I called a family friend who lived in the Austin area who owned his own small business, serving the K through 12  industry for school fundraising. So you got kids knocking on your door selling like discount cards, cookie dough, cups, that kind of thing. Well, I came in and worked for him and managed the drinkware side of it, which is how I got into Fusion drinkware in 2016.” 

After working for six and a half years with his family friend as a product manager for the drinkware line, Adams decided to branch off on his own. He purchased the customer base and created fusion drinkware. Five years later, Fusion-Brands was born and began branding everything you can put a logo on.

Fusion-Brands still serves the K-12 industry as well as businesses in need of product branding. 

“The mission for Fusion is to be able to serve all local communities with a need to get their brand on a quality product that they want. And to make it as pain-free as possible. A lot of people, when they start ordering shirts and hats, they don’t know what direction they want to go. We want to give them guidance and help them get exactly what they want and make them proud of their brand,” said Adams.

Learn more about having your logo etched, embroidered, or printed on merchandise, visit https://fusion-brands.com

To get a sneak peek of Fusion-Brands factory and learn more about their manufacturing process, check out our video.