CNC Spring Forming Machine is designed to produce various kinds of springs in less working time. These innovative machines can be a great addition to factories and manufacturers involved in the spring exporting business. All these machines consist of unique features and functionalities, which increase production within a short period.

Types of CNC Spring Forming Machine:

There are different types of CNC Spring Forming Machines to meet the exporters’ various needs and requirements.

The various types of CNC Spring Forming Machines include Potter Cam Spring former, Computerized Spring Former, 8axes Potter Spring Former, and Robot Spring Former. All these machines are widely being used in various factories to produce springs of different natures and sizes.

Features of Potter Cam Spring Former:


  • The disc equipment can be replaced with a rotary device in this machine.
  • The rotary device saves time and cost when compared to the disc equipment.
  • The rotary device has around 360-degrees rotational axis. Therefore, tools need not be changed or replaced for specific spring sizes.
  • The rotary device eliminates the instability and promotes promoted accuracy.


Features of Computerized Spring Former:


  • This machine is capable of producing springs with wires of about 0.8 to 1.8 in diameter.
  • This type also consists of a double transmission mechanism, which helps to perform quilling and bending either at the same time or separately.
  • The rotation disc equipment can be replaced with the rotary device to save time and increase efficiency.
  • The previously created programming files can be accessed via USB technology for producing the same kinds of springs.


Features of 8axes Potter Spring Former


  • Different kinds of springs can be made with the same set of tools within a short period.
  • The rotational disc can be replaced with the rotary device to save time and increase production.
  • The rotary device can be used instead of using complex tools for specific spring production.
  • It eliminates instability and promotes overall accuracy and flexibility.


Features of Robot Spring Former:


  • The rotary device saves time and has a 360-degrees rotational axis.
  • It facilitates easy cutting, bending, and quilling of springs.
  • This is a 3D Spring forming machine and is multi-functional. Cutting, bending, and quilling can be done at once.
  • It consists of a combination of tools that are enough for manufacturing any spring.


The different types of CNC Spring Forming Machines have almost similar features and functionalities. All the machines are easy to operate. The Robot Spring Former is more preferred when compared to the other three types as it supports multiple functionalities at the same time. However, it is important to analyze the company’s needs and requirements before purchasing any machine. All these are available at different prices worldwide. Technical engineers or technicians can operate any of these machines with ease. It is important to understand the installation procedure of each machine for perfect set up. Once installed, go through the users manual to check the procedures for operation and maintenance.